A Marketing Manager’s Case for HubSpot: Solutions Delivered

September 26, 2014
A Marketing Manager’s Case for HubSpot: Solutions Delivered

So you want to use an Inbound Marketing platform but you have to get your manager on board? HubSpot’s updates will only make your case easier. Below we will list why they are good for you, and a benefit to your company.

HubSpot is a leading inbound marketing and sales platform. It’s no surprise that with over 15,000 customers HubSpot’s inbound marketing software is ranked #1 on several websites for their customer satisfaction. Their platform covers an array of tasks that includes blogging, social media, SEO, website content management, email marketing, marketing automation, all with reporting and analytics. HubSpot CRM was one of the biggest updates unveiled last week. 

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The past couple weeks and at Inbound 2014 (that was held in Boston, MA) HubSpot revealed some of their most exciting improvements, tools, and services to the already existing marketing platform.


Just when we thought HubSpot couldn’t get any better, it did. Below is a list of the wonderful updates that HubSpot has made available on its platform with some additional explanations to help you fully understand why each update is so awesome.


  • Branching Logic in Workflows – (Otherwise known as conditional logic) Easy for you to follow,manage, and set mini goals that help you to optimize each step of the marketing automation process.
  • Attribution Reporting – This is very helpful to the marketing manager. Now you can track an individual’s journey from the first time they visit your site, to the time they become a customer. You can run reports based on exactly what you want filtered from the data. For example you could run a report on “first touch” or “first interaction” and then 100% of the credit is given to the page URL or source of the first visit a contact was on. This will help marketers to identify which content, channels, and campaigns are influencing conversions and adjust their investments of time and money accordingly.


  • Dashboard_An expansion of Revenue Reporting - HubSpot works with a range of CRM platforms and can tie marketing channels, content offers, and campaigns to your businesses bottom line. This will give you a more detailed look at exactly where your money is going and how effective its being. For Enterprise Edition customers you can now compile and create a Companies Report. This report specifically gives you insight into how many companies are in your database segmented by any data that is stored in HubSpot.


  • A Content Calendar - to effectively assign, schedule, publish, and organize content from one central location. THIS IS AWESOME. No need for other tools to add to your bill, or to your daily list of things to check, keep up with, and train others to use. Now you can plan your calendar ahead of time and organize and schedule things to post all within the same platform. This prevents scheduling mistakes as well!


  • Smart_ContentAnonymous Personalization - to personalize content based on a visitor’s device, location, orreferral source. The process of converting a prospect to a customer starts from the moment they step on to your site so why not make the entire content process more efficient and better modified to the needs of each visitor?


  • A Campaign Wizard - to serve as command central to accelerate the creation and organization of all of your campaign assets in one place. It’s a great place to create a multi-channel campaign in one simple flow.


  • Social_Media_Inbox_Suggested streams within Social Inbox - which will bring tailored recommendations for monitoring and help marketers, maximize their ROI from social in twenty minutes per day. I can say from personal experience that this has made my life so much easier. Social media management is a vital part of the inbound process, and this tool makes it much easier to manage.


  • An Email Optimizer - to improve deliverability, catch email errors before they are sent, and optimize the timing of sends based on previous email sends. This is great bEmail_Engagement_Optimizationecause this is just another piece that can get pretty convoluted and clogged up if you aren’t right on top of it. Another tool that helps to organize, and help you to visualize your follow-ups and campaigns.


  • An Email Dashboard - to provide better send and campaign-level data in one organized place.  Better data means you will have better campaigns. You can monitor your contacts, unsubscribes, etc. by viewing the email dashboard.


  • List Analytics - to diagnose the health and engagement of your contact database, preventing list decay and diminishing returns on your marketing database over time.  This will do a detailed job of helping you know where you are doing well and at what point you are losing engagement.



So What? 

We already knew that HubSpot was awesome, but these updates took it to a whole new level. We are excited to take advantage of them, and show you how you can as well. Whether you are an existing HubSpot user, or you are interested in learning more about it, comment below or contact us!


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