#Inbound14 - Attendee's Guide to what a Bostonian Eats, Drinks, & Does

August 7, 2014
#Inbound14 - Attendee's Guide to what a Bostonian Eats, Drinks, & Does

A Guide that will Rock your SOX off...

Don’t worry, we have included a few other spots besides Boston – like Cambridge.  

What we can't deny - Boston and surrounding areas are awesome!

Before, in between and after the fabulous events, seminars, and speakers at Inbound, you may have some time to hit the streets. Or, even better, maybe you are extending your week in Boston and making a vacation out of it– no matter, we have the all-inclusive list of everything BOSTON (and areas close by). In the next few weeks we will be announcing several awesome bars, restaurants, entertainment spots, and places to just hang out. We have been in contact with some “in the know” local Boston beer drinkers, socialites, business professionals, 20 something’s, bachelors, single ladies, couples, and families to figure out what there is to eat, drink and do.

Good News. There is a ton to do.

Better News. We did all of the dirty work to make it easy for you.

You are going to have a busy week at #Inbound2014 – so we have made it easy for you. We are your home base for (everything awesome) and everything Boston. Subscribe to our blog to see what we are featuring for the week; so by the time you touch down in Boston, you are practically a local. If you are a local, we know you will agree with everything here, and if we missed something we know you’ll be sure to let us know in the comments area.



On that note – some want to hit the “touristy” spots and some want to do as the locals do. We will denote which is which. So if you have time to stand in line at the amazing and delicious Mikes’ Bakery, that’s great – but if you want to avoid the line and head over to ______________(we can’t tell you our secrets yet :) ) for some of the best cannolis you’ve ever had in your life, and rub elbows with locals - we will give you all the deets.




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