Check Out The Colonial Version of a MacBook at #Inbound14

September 11, 2014
Check Out The Colonial Version of a MacBook at #Inbound14

 The Printing Office of Edes & Gill

21 Unity Street, Boston, MA

Distance from Convention Center: 8 minute cab ride, 3.2 miles away


Our livelihood is all about business communication.  With lightning-fast speed we share ideas, strategies, news and brands all over the world.  We don't even pause to think about typing, printing or how we'll disseminate our words.  But while you're in Boston, you can see the roots of mass communication.

Catapult yourself back to the 18th century by visting the Printing Office of Edes & Gill located along the Freedom Trail adjacent to the Old North Church. 

There's nothing like living history, or a history teacher alive with passion! The work done here is a real labor of love. --from a TripAdvisor Review

The Printing Office is engaged in offering its visitors personal encounters with history and clonial printing.  It is touted as Boston's only colonial trade experience and the only living intepretive history experience.  Sounds worthy of a stop-in to us!

The name is derived from the names of Benjamin Edes and John Gill, who became the proprietors of the Boston Gazette in 1755.  The Printing Office website states, "According to the author of Infamous Scribblers (2006), the Boston Gazette, arguably the most influential newspaper the country has ever known, got us into the Revolutionary War, sped up the course of the war and may have even determined the outcome of the war."


Now, THAT, my friends is history.  How much would you give to be the most influential communicator the country has over known?  Don't even get me started.


Hours: 11am to 5pm

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