What do Clinton, Mars, & Benioff have in common?- Call it a Dreamforce

October 6, 2014
What do Clinton, Mars, & Benioff have in common?- Call it a Dreamforce



Here are a few highlights about Dreamforce that you will find very useful in the coming week and during Dreamforce. We have recapped some information about the Dreamforce App, your agenda, check-in, transportation, and a few extra tips.

Given we are Salesforce Partners, Alex, Michael, and Ryan will be headed to San Fran next week to hear Hilary Clinton speak, Marc Benioff dazzle, and Bruno Mars sing his heart out, and I can't say that I’m not jealous. I just hope they bring me back some pet apparel from the Dreamstore for my kitty, Griffin. (Yes they have pet gear.)



Dreamforce App:

The Dreamforce App will most likely go live today. The App is purposed for tons of learning, exploring, and fun! It is a place to meet, network, and interact with session leaders and other attendees. It is the most important tool for the Dreamforce experience. It is available on IOS and Android.

In the app you can find your premade agenda, the sponsors of the show, and interactive maps of the campus. The app will help you to engage and connect for a complete attendee experience. Make sure that you download it early, and that you say “yes” to the push notifications. They have promised that the notifications will be very informative and helpful, not exuberant or annoying.



If there is a session that you signed up for that you absolutely plan on going to, it will be marked as a green check mark in the agenda feature. The orange feet mean that the session is 75% full but the extra 

DreamforceAgenda25% will be reserved for walk-ins. You can also favorite sessions that you are thinking about going to but you aren’t sure about. If you plan to “walk-in” for some of the sessions then make sure to get there 15- 20 min early. For sessions that you have “checked” make sure to get there at least 10 minutes early. Also, for every session there will be a survey that will be available about 5 minutes into the session. This is very easy and should take you less than 30 seconds to complete. It is important to do this so Salesforce will have feedback on how to make Dreamforce better and better every year! Just a tip: Make sure you also print out a hard copy of your agenda before you come as well. Just in case a phone dies at the most inconvenient time! And…on that note bring an external battery! If you would like to get one there they will have them available in the “Dreamstore”.


Your Badge/Check-in:

DreamforceBreakoutSessionsMake sure that you update your Success.com profile picture to the one you want it to be at Dreamforce by Friday the 10th! Remember, your updated picture and your profile information will be on your badge and viewable by everyone for the 4 days you are in San Francisco! There will also be a pre-check in. Everyone should do this. It really cuts down on the entire check-in process in general. You will receive an email reminding you with a link to fill out the form about 2 days before the conference begins.




There will be shuttles available at all of the 95 of the official Dreamforce campus hotels.

All of the shuttle drop-offs and pick ups will be at a central location on the campus and will have plenty of signage denoting where they are going and when they are leaving.



Everywhere on campus can be reached within a 15 min walk. Now I can speak from experience…a 15 min walk in heels after a day of sessions, or from exhibiting at the expo, can feel like miles and years. So, make sure to take advantage of the free “Pedi cabs” that are very clearly marked with the Dreamforce logo, or utilize public transportation. Of course there are also car services! Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and flywheel are all cheap rides. If you are an Uber rider you can use the code FORCE500 for discounts and if you’re new to Uber you can use DREAM14.




So what?

  •    Take time to get to know people by attending the break out sessions.
  •    Do not overschedule! You will want to reserve some time to network!
  •    Make sure to chatter about your sessions within the app!
  •    Make sure to print your agenda (PDF version available) also sync it to your ical.
  •    Bring your external battery charger.
  •    Leave your bags and laptops at home for the Gala!
  •    Bring layers for those tricky/cool San Francisco nights. (Remember the Gala is outside) 
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