Supercharge Your Paid Digital Advertising

October 14, 2019
Supercharge Your Paid Digital Advertising

Don’t get lost in the maze of digital advertising – make the most of your ad spend! Digital Specialist Kelly Buck has tips to help you supercharge your paid digital advertising.


Maybe you’re a non-profit and wondering how to utilize limited marketing resources when demand increases and budget doesn’t. Or You could be in the for-profit space where you need to prove ROI for every dollar spent. Either way, the amazing thing about a digital advertising strategy is that it can be tailored to your specific budget needs and optimized for great performance.  Before you begin to pay to play, let’s review some basics:  

1. Start with a well-defined goal.

What do you want to happen and why do you want it to happen? Without a goal and direction, your advertising is dead on arrival. Goals may look very different. It could be brand awareness, conversion, content promotion, education or lead generation. Your goal informs every step of the advertising process. 

2. Determine your target audiences.

Your personas are the best place to start for any net new lead generation, but start with any audiences you already have. Custom audiences are a great place to begin because you can already supplement the members with email, outbound, and other marketing activities.

3. Resonate with prospects through relevant design and copy.

Now you can get to the fun stuff: the creative! Your ad tactics will dictate a lot of creative, but regardless, always make sure images, ad copy, and design resonates with your target personas.  Incorporate movement when possible, and always think of the ways to make everything relevant.  A good rule of thumb is to ask a question on your creative that your landing page will answer. 

4. Make sure strategy aligns with your goals.

Make sure your landing page is optimized for mobile and has a clear action associated to your goal. If your goal is brand awareness, your landing page should be educational, informative, and link to other areas of your website. If your goal is for lead generation, make sure you give the target audience one “path” on your page, which could be a form fill, calendar link, or live chat conversation.

Digital advertising can get expensive, but with the right strategy, it can supercharge your marketing efforts and begin to move the needle for your organization.

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Kelly's passion for marketing shows in everything he does professionally and personally. His passion for creating beautiful and creative marketing extends beyond Stratagon with his personal musical work as a drummer all over the triad.