Digital Tools to Drive Retail Sales: A Resource Guide

April 9, 2019
Digital Tools to Drive Retail Sales: A Resource Guide

In the furniture retail world, changes occur constantly in trends as well as in the digital realm. How do you stay relevant? You have an incredible opportunity to tell your brand story through your online presence and drive them either to your store or to purchase online.

Discover resources to get you started on your journey to making your sales numbers flourish.

Furniture and Textiles Digital Marketing Resources:


1: Blog: 5 Reasons to Use Personas in the Furniture Industry

When it comes to effectively marketing your furniture or textile business, how you communicate your company’s product and services – and who you communicate that to – makes all the difference. Discover how to target your ideal customers through strategy, analysis, content, and partnerships. You can also download a free persona worksheet to get started!


2: Blog: Influencer Marketing in Furniture + Textiles

In the age of design bloggers, HGTV and weekend DIY decorators, influencer marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the furniture and textile industry. Learn how you can apply influencer marketing to your business model (or just get great ideas by following them on social media) with this blog that has a free downloadable: the “Influencer Marketing Strategy” checklist!


3: Blog: Nine Must-Do Marketing Trends for 2019

Need some new ideas for your marketing strategy? Don’t miss out on the trends that will refresh your marketing as you keep pace moving though 2019. Discover the solutions that best fit your target audience’s needs and goals.


4: Blog: 11 Killer Retail Marketing Tips to Drive Sales Year Round

People shop differently than they used to. Whether you have an online-only shop or a storefront, your digital footprint will make the difference when it comes to retail sales. Brush up on everything from your Google skills to ads and social posting with this entertaining article on fresh ways to up your retail game


5: Blog: High Impact Video Marketing for 2019 and Beyond


Video has become the most powerful storytelling medium for marketing. If you’re ready to produce video content for your business, this post explains how much time you need to invest to create personalized videos to brand videos, animations, VR and more.


6: Video: Facebook’s Algorithm Changes

Have you noticed a decrease in organic traffic on Facebook since their drastic algorithm changes? While we can't change the algorithm, we can stay proactive and adjust our social strategies accordingly. In this video, gain new takeaways and tips on prioritizing content that will respond well to these recent changes.


7: Blog: Retail Dive

If you’re looking for a consistent stream of helpful tips and info on tech and trends in the retail business, we found it for you. (You’re welcome.) Retailers of any type and size can benefit from the information provided in these blogs and podcasts. 

Check out these recent posts that are specific to retail marketing:

  1. 5 Stories that Shaped Retail Marketing in 2018
  2. 5 Trends that will Define Retail Marketing in 2019

8: Video Galleries: Furniture Today

From High Point to Vegas and everywhere in between, Furniture Today has insight into all aspects of the furniture and textiles industry. Perhaps you already subscribe to their emails, so check out their video resources to learn more about people, places, and ideas within your industry.

  1. Hot Market Retail Tour
  2. High Point Market Social Videos
  3. Bedding Insights
  4. On the Record (A podcast for when you’re on-the-go)

Sometimes the vastness of the all-things-digital can be overwhelming, but if you choose a few ideas to start with and break it down into actionable steps, you will see measurable growth in your retail sales.

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