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Knocking It Out of the Park: A Dow Microsite With Major League Design


Even within traditional markets and traditional companies, a new idea can knock it out of the park. We began partnering with our client, Dow AgroSciences, two years ago. Dow AgroSciences is a subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Company and specializes in agricultural chemicals, seeds and biotechnology solutions.

Lead Scoring Does Not Work...?

Before you call me crazy or bring out sales and marketing professionals worldwide to blow up my twitter feed, let me explain! Lead scoring does not work unless you have a full marketing and technology stack to score lead activities correctly and a tightly aligned sales and marketing team to take action, providing timely feedback on lead interactions and lead quality. Now see, that statement was certainly too long for a blog title, and search engines only allow so many characters to show in titles anyway.

When Should You Pass Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales?

The relationship between sales and marketing is a critical one. Both teams (should) have one ultimate goal in mind: increase the bottom line of the organization. The two teams must work as a cohesive unit to fulfill that final, juicy goal of realizing the many benefits of a healthy, sustainable company.

3 Tips for Writing Content for Your Buyer Personas

 If you’ve done the hard work to research and create several buyer personas, then you’ve laid a fantastic foundation for your content marketing.  Many marketers think that having the personas is enough.  They think that the content they create will naturally flow for each persona. And maybe it does.  But putting on that persona hat and really thinking like your personas will help you create fabulousness that will draw prospects to your content like flies to honey.    

5 Ways To Boost Lead Conversion

Congratulations!  You’re getting traffic to your content.  Your numbers are up everywhere.  Prospects are reading your emails and blog subscribers are happily lapping up your “free” material.  You’re already winning a big chunk of the battle.  But how do you get those eager beaver readers to start converting to actual leads?  How do you get them to share their information with you so that you can nurture them through your well-crafted lead conversion funnel?

How Inbound Marketing Drives Leads

Often sales and marketing departments within companies operate completely separately with little communication or visibility into each others worlds. These silos ultimately cause an inefficient and ineffective process of generating qualified leads that sales teams can close fluidly. So instead of working against each other, here are three important ways inbound marketing drives sales and why sales and marketing should be working hand-in-hand!

Love 'Em Or Leave 'Em: The Last Stage in the Customer Journey

You spend a lot of time thinking about your customer journey. You spend a lot of time thinking about what they're thinking. You try to anticipate their every thought, want and need as you develop top-of-the-funnel calls-to-action, lead nurturing campaigns and (sweet success!) their welcome e-mails when they become a customer at last. But what happens next?

Industrial Marketing: You Could Totally Fail at Content Marketing

Everyone is doing it. Content marketing, that is. In fact, according to MarketingProfs, over two million blog posts are written every day. Yes, you read that right: Two million. Everyone who is anyone in marketing has bought into the content marketing game and they are playing it. And they are playing hard. You may be a little more fortunate if you’re playing in the manufacturing or industrial marketing arena. While it’s a debatable point, those industries tend to be a little slower to adopt the latest trends. However, if you take a look at Twitter these days, you’ll see more and more manufacturing and industrial companies making their presence known in the digital space.

3 Ways Marketing Can Work More Effectively with Sales

Many companies have a combined “sales and marketing” department but, often, both arms of the department have difficulty joining forces to work effectively together. The reasons why marketing and sales typically don’t work as well together vary but it often boils down to “good on paper” vs. “real-life customers.” Marketing teams tend to look at customer segments and data while sales teams tend to think more in terms of individual customers and actual product orders. Sales thinks marketing has a head-in-the-clouds perspective and marketing thinks sales is too pigheaded to listen to suggestions.

University Marketing: 3 Ways to Keep Your Recruitment Marketing Fresh

Let’s face it: high school students are inundated with college recruitment options. Top-tier students are bombarded with e-mails, direct mail pieces and even the occasional phone contact. Even lower-performing students are getting three to five direct mail solicitations every week as well as at least one email each day. Higher education marketers are pressured to continue to execute new ideas (preferably with low-budgets) to stand out in the already crowded mailboxes (virtual and literal) of prospective students.

3 Tough Questions To Ask When Building Your Buyer Persona

You must know your customer before you can market to them. It’s Marketing 101. It’s the foundation of inbound marketing. After all, how are you going to creative compelling calls-to-action if you have no idea what makes your target customer tick? And these days, it seems that every Molly Marketer is on board with creating buyer personas. To know your customer is to sell to them. But how deep into your customer psyche do you go? To really know your customer is to convert them into evangelists for your business.

Customer Journey Mapping: 3 Ways It Impacts Your Internal Brand

You know that mapping customer journeys is a critical component of your marketing program from the customer perspective. However, have you stopped to consider how going through the mapping process can positively impact your company and your sales?


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