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Michael Christian

Michael Christian
Michael Christian - Business Development Lead

Michael’s natural curiosity has been put to good use in a 20 year career in business development. Asking questions to understand needs is where he shines. He wants to know how he can help you and your business grow. When he is not networking and working with clients, he spends his free time chasing and coaching two little girls in whatever sports they are interested in at the time. Loves all things and people associated with automobiles!
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Recent Posts

Why Don't You Have a CRM Tool Already?

As a business development lead, my job is to ask prospective clients questions and evaluate if we, as an agency, can help with their marketing efforts. I speak with small businesses and Fortune 100 companies and see my share of business strategies (or lack thereof). It still amazes me, however, how many times I learn that companies, regardless of size, are still not using a Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool.






3 Tips for Writing Content for Your Buyer Personas

 If you’ve done the hard work to research and create several buyer personas, then you’ve laid a fantastic foundation for your content marketing.  Many marketers think that having the personas is enough.  They think that the content they create will naturally flow for each persona. And maybe it does.  But putting on that persona hat and really thinking like your personas will help you create fabulousness that will draw prospects to your content like flies to honey.    

How Inbound Marketing Drives Leads

Often sales and marketing departments within companies operate completely separately with little communication or visibility into each others worlds. These silos ultimately cause an inefficient and ineffective process of generating qualified leads that sales teams can close fluidly. So instead of working against each other, here are three important ways inbound marketing drives sales and why sales and marketing should be working hand-in-hand!

3 Ways Marketing Can Work More Effectively with Sales

Many companies have a combined “sales and marketing” department but, often, both arms of the department have difficulty joining forces to work effectively together. The reasons why marketing and sales typically don’t work as well together vary but it often boils down to “good on paper” vs. “real-life customers.” Marketing teams tend to look at customer segments and data while sales teams tend to think more in terms of individual customers and actual product orders. Sales thinks marketing has a head-in-the-clouds perspective and marketing thinks sales is too pigheaded to listen to suggestions.

B2C Content Marketing: How to Use Content to Engage Your Prospects

If you are a B2C marketer with an inbound component, you’ve probably poured your heart and soul into creating engaging content that will delight your customers. You’ve worked hard to build up a storehouse of quality pieces, but how much thought have you given to what happens next? What should you do after your prospect downloads that very first piece of content?


Here’s the one very important thing you should NOT do. After your prospects engage with that first eBook or whitepaper, don’t pat yourself on the back and forget about them!


Inbound is Coming...How Game of Thrones Can Help You at Inbound 2015


(For Game of Thrones fans and Marketers in general)


It’s hard to believe that HubSpot’s annual conference is less than a month away. The event is a collection of like-minded marketers and thought leaders in the industry that are ready to share the latest tips, trends, tactics and techniques!  Last year was my first year and it was a bit of a whirlwind.  Certainly, it was extremely helpful, and the sessions were very informative, but it was overwhelming; because I did little to no preparation on my part (oops!). Upon leaving last year, I swore to myself that I would take the time and effort to prepare to get the most out of the event as possible next year. There’s no time like the present to prepare yourself to get the most out of Inbound- and ensure you don’t turn into a Lysa Aryn…(a super crazy lady from GOT.) We've got four major strategies you can pull directly from Game of Thrones to make this year's Inbound your most successful yet.

5 Reasons to Convince Your Boss to Let you go to #INBOUND15


Inbound 2015 is only three months away, but there is still time to grab your ticket. Need a little help convincing your boss to let you go to the greatest conference ever? We'll give you some tools to keep in your back pocket to help you convince your boss to let you attend.




3 Reasons That You Need Sales Automation in LASIK Marketing


Reaching your ideal LASIK surgery patient population is getting harder and harder to do. Traditional advertising mediums of radio, print, and television are being ignored. We listen to subscription streaming radio, we get our news from our on-line feeds, and we DVR everything on TV so that we can skip the commercials. To reach your targeted population for LASIK you have to go where your potential clients are. They are online and they are on their mobile devices. Consumer engagement has changed, and so should your marketing strategy. 

3 Effective Dental Marketing Ideas


According to a Pew Research Center study conducted in 2011, about 44% of Internet users rely on the web to help them find medical and dental services. Unfortunately, if your practice's website doesn't have an effective marketing strategy (such as one that utilizes social media, SEO, and PPC), there's a good chance that your potential customers and leads aren't coming across your site in their searches.


Don't think you have time for developing and implementing a dental marketing strategy? Think again. By following three simple steps, you'll be on your way to a more successful marketing campaign.


Get Rid of your CRM Implementation Fears

New Call-to-action


Business owners, the executive team and sales management can get very excited about implementing a CRM into their sales process. The thought of elaborate reporting tools and enhanced data collection and the promise of increased efficiency can blind them. They often forget how their sales teams and support staff will react to the thought of significant change. There are fears of "Big Brother" watching every move, extra administrative work to do, and the loss of their feelings of relevancy. I have seen all of these in play with companies that did not think it through. Here are a few things to consider that will make your CRM implementation projects run more smoothly.

CRM Implementation – What it Means for your Company's Culture

As a business development lead for a managed services consulting firm, I get a very interesting perspective about businesses that many do not see. I equate it to a visit to the doctor: in order to get to the root of the issue you may have to share some pretty personal things about the state of your business and where the pain points are evident, causing you to seek outside help.



Today's ever-changing technology landscape offers tools and tactics that can make your business more effective and efficient. The excitement of having a new tool or toy like a CRM platform can help with analytics, observations and trends but it can overshadow a very important question, which is, "How is this integration or CRM implementation going to effect my company's culture?"




5 Ways to use Marketing to Eliminate LASIK Cost Fears

Today’s consumers have become a finicky bunch that want to be educated before they want to engage in an interaction. That mentality is no different when it comes to elective procedures.  How many times have you heard your patients say that they have been thinking about having LASIK done for years before actually coming into the office? Studies have shown that one of the greatest hurdles is that many fear the cost of LASIK. They think that it is only for those with a deposable income that can afford the procedures’ high cost.

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