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Lead Scoring Does Not Work...?

Before you call me crazy or bring out sales and marketing professionals worldwide to blow up my twitter feed, let me explain! Lead scoring does not work unless you have a full marketing and technology stack to score lead activities correctly and a tightly aligned sales and marketing team to take action, providing timely feedback on lead interactions and lead quality. Now see, that statement was certainly too long for a blog title, and search engines only allow so many characters to show in titles anyway.

Digital Assistants – Who Are They and Why are they Worth over $12 billion?

There is a new paid ad opportunity that is emerging and it has to do with your digital assistant friends, Siri, Google Now, Alexa and Cortana. So what, (or who) is a digital assistant? A digital assistant, also called a virtual assistant, is an application program that can understand natural language and complete electronic tasks for the end user. 

An Introduction to Salesforce and the Benefits of Cloud Computing


Salesforce is a "software as a service" customer relationship management and cloud computing platform. Instead of storing business information or running applications locally on your own hardware, it is all stored within the cloud. Salesforce apps help guarantee that you'll be able to access information from within Salesforce from any computer or device with an active Internet connection.  One barrier to entry advantage of Cloud Computing is the limited need for capital expenditures when compared to other premise enterprise systems, which are often prohibitive for some enterprise organizations.

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